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Important Headlines

Marijuana Patient Protection Act Introduced in Congress. Americans For Safe Access 4/18/08

Clinic Offers Puff of Relief for Chronically Ill. The Jerusalem Post 1/8/08

Under Attack, Drug Maker Turned to Giuliani for Help.
NY Times 12/28/07

Study: Marijuana Appears to Slow Cancer Growth Laboratory Setting. Fox News 12/27/07

Britain: Illicit Drug Use Hits Record Low After Cops Cease Arresting Minor Marijuana Violators.
UK Crime Survey: 11/1/07

Surgeon General Soft on Science. FOX News 7/18/07

Green Harvest' funds cut. Hawaii Tribune Herald 6/3/07

Don't Put Politics Ahead of Science. Honolulu Star Bulletin 6/1/07

Medical marijuana research should not be hampered. Honolulu Star Bulletin 5/22/07

Big Island rejects federal funds for war on pot. Honolulu Star Bulletin 5/18/07

California To Impose 7.25% Sales Tax On Medical Marijuana Sales. 4/9/07

New Mexico Authorizes 'State-Licensed Medical Marijuana Distribution Facilities'. 4/5/07

Legal Pakalolo could bring in $33M. Honolulu Star-Bulletin 3/2/07

Marijuana Activists Cite the Data Quality Act in Suit. The San Francisco Chronicle 2/22/07

DEA Administrative Judge Rules against U.S. Govt. Marijuana Monopoly
Washington, D.C. 2/13/07

Research Supports Medicinal Marijuana The Washington Post 2/13/07

Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana connection The Washington Post 5/25/06

FDA:Politics Trump Science The New York Times 4/21/06

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Petition drive launched to get ordinance on ballot.

House Discusses Bill to Grow Medical Marijuana on Maui. KHNL8: 2/1/08

Debate Continues Over Changes in Hawaii's Medical Marijuana Law.
KHNL-Hawaii News Now, Mar 18, 2008

Popularity Grows For Medical Marijuana Hawaii Tribune Herald 6/27/08

Lolo Laws The Molokai Dispatch 4/11/08

High in Hawaii Cannabis Culture

Make a Difference; Register to Vote
The Haleakala Times 3/11/08

Maui Medical Marijuana Update The Haleakala Times 2/14/07

Register to Vote; Help fix flaws in the Medical Marijuana Law. The Haleakala Times 1/29/08

The Peaceful Solution: Vote Back America. MCCFDIA video, July25,2007

Unfounded Reaction to Marijuana Use is the Real Insanity. The Maui News 7/31/07

Taking the Initiative: What happened to Maui's initiative process?Maui Time Weekly 5/31/07

Maui NORML Hits The Streets. May Day is Day 5/5/07

A Bill To Address Patient's Access To Medical Marijuana In Hawaii Approved by The House Committee On Health
NORML 4/3/07

Hawaii resolution calling for a regulated system of marijuana distribution passes one committee
MPP 4/2/07

Political Action committee seeks to ease marijuana laws
Haleakala times 2/15/06

Marijuana Group Wants Vote
Haleakala Times 2/1/06

MAUI - Marijuana Ordinance Press Release Cannabis Culture 2/3/06

Initiative Kickoff
Maui News 2/4/06

Taking it to the Streets
Mauitime Weekly 1/22/06

County ordinance would de-emphasize pot enforcement
. Maui News 10/8/05

Cannabis advocacy group empowers patients to manage their own medication
Haleakala Times 9/25/05

Marijuana as Medicine
Hawaii Island Journal 3/1/05


Maui County Citizens for Democracy in Action 2011