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2009 Medical Marijuana Update
Legislative Informational Briefing 8/25/08

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

MCCFDIA Launches C.A.N.

The Maui County Initiative Process:

HCR 10 Testimonials:

A Peaceful Solution: Vote Back America!

Medical Marijuana Vaporizer Tutorial:

Medical Marijuana Cooking 101

Cultivation 101: Part I

Cultivation 101: Part II

Cultivation 102: Maximum Yield

Concentrates 101

Maui Outdoor Medical Marijuana "Beauty Shots"

Medical Marijuana Patients' Testimonials:

Patients Describe their Needs:

A Patient Shares His Story of Pain and Relief:

The Failure of Pharmaceuticals:

An Ex-Ice Addict Pleads For Sanity:

A Combat Veteran's Daughter:

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Maui County Citizen's for Democracy in Action, 2011